Xcode 10.2 image released

We have released an Xcode 10.2 image today. You can select the image by adding the following to a job in config.yml :

  xcode: 10.2.0

These are the changes in this image compared to Xcode 10.1:

  • The host OS is now macOS Mojave (version 10.14.3).
  • Xcode is now version 10.2 Build 10E125.
  • The included simulators are:
    • iOS 12.2
    • iOS 11.4
    • iOS 10.3.1
    • watchOS 5.2

The system Ruby is unchanged at 2.3.7p456. We also have Ruby 2.4.6 and 2.5.5 available to use via chruby.

The full manifest of the installed software is available here.

A raw diff of the changes is available here.

It took us longer than usual to make this image available on CircleCI. We understand that this delay created bottlenecks for your team, and we never want that to happen.

When we started building the Xcode 10.2 image, we included additional software in the image per customer requests. After our initial builds of the new image, we realized that the amount of available disk space had dropped significantly (~33%). We decided this would be unacceptable to release to customers and immediately moved to diagnose the root cause and explore possible solutions. Due to limitations in our technical processes, diagnosis and remediation of the situation took multiple days, delaying our release.

We are putting a process in place to test the impact of installing additional software on the disk space in our macOS images ahead of time.

Thank you very much for your patience and your understanding. Please comment here if you notice any issues with the Xcode 10.2 image or have any feedback.


There seems to be an issue with tying Xcode 10.2 to MacOS 10.14.3. I’m getting this error:
Xcode >=10.2 requires macOS >=10.14.4 to build many formulae.

This appears to be a problem with the new Swift runtime not being available in less than 10.14.4. More info below:

I don’t use this image, and I don’t have any special insight into CircleCI’s release process. However, given that there was some unexpected difficulties delivering the latest image, I would hazard a guess that bumping up the underlying OS is not something CircleCI would be happy doing in a hurry - it might have the capacity to break things for other customers.

Is there any sort of workaround for this at the Homebrew level?

Relevant thread: Latest Xcode image (10.2) has drawbacks with the image OS (10.14.3)

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Hello all,

We are aware of an issue with this image and are working to upgrade MacOS version to 10.14.4+.

As ErnieZappacosta noted, more posts on this issue can be found here:

If this issue is affecting your team, we appreciate any notifications on this thread or via the support form so that we may best update you as work progresses.


Just as a quick fix till the new image is out you can set HOMEBREW_NO_AUTO_UPDATE: 1 to stop homebrew from auto-updating and not allowing installation due to the os version not being met. This should hopefully get you through till the release of a new image.


Thanks for your work :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to change your documentation about the 10.2 build as it’s not up to date ( 10P99q build number, 10.1 command line tools).

Source: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/testing-ios/

Working on it :slight_smile:

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This worked for me. Thanks for the tip!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but any status on when 10.2.1 will be out? lol


Giggle. Ryan pulls the tail on the dragon to see what will happen :dragon_face: :fire:

I would really appreciate if someone from CircleCI would share a status around Xcode 10.2.1.

Is this something that you are planning to support?
When is it planned to be supported?

Being completely silent around these (for some users) important updates of Xcode is not the right way in my opinion. I know about your estimates at Build Image Update Schedule but given the latest history this doesn’t reflect real life so I hope you can share some more information with your customers.

We are working on making Xcode 10.2.1 available, we’ll update this post and will also post in the Announcements category when the new image is ready for use.


Yes, I would like to show my urgent support for 10.2.1 as well. The is a linking bug in 10.2 which causes longer launch times in our application.

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We definitely understand the need for 10.2.1 and are working on making it available as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

would be helpful if we could get at least a rough estimate on 10.2.1. so we can plan accordingly…


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Any update on 10.2.1?

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Waiting for Xcode 10.2.1 image

I’ve added a suggestion for CircleCI to improve their processes around new Xcode versions. Feel free to upvote if you think this should be a bigger priority.


We were not expecting another release after Xcode 10.2 so soon, and we have to do some cleanup of older images before we can release a new one. We are actively working on the cleanup and should have it completed in the next few days and unblock the deployment of the Xcode 10.2.1 image. We will provide more updates here as we make progress.