Replacing Xcode 10.2.0 image with Xcode 10.2.1

As we announced in July, we dropped support for Xcode 10.2.0 on August 26th. The Xcode 10.2.0 image has bugs that were fixed in 10.2.1. We have removed the Xcode 10.2.0 image today, on Sep 17th. This is to make sure we can continue releasing the images with the future Xcode releases on time.

We have decided to re-route builds that specify xcode: 10.2.0 to the image with Xcode 10.2.1, rather than failing the builds. The images are similar, so we expect that in most cases, your macOS jobs will continue to work as expected. Apart from the Xcode version (10.2.0 vs 10.2.1), the biggest difference is the version of NodeJS, which changes a major version from 11 to 12. The other changes are patch versions in git-lfs and Java.

The changes in the image include:

  • Xcode 10.2 replaced with Xcode 10.2.1
  • NodeJS: 11.13.0 => 12.1.0
  • Java 1.8.0 build 202 => 1.8.0 build 212
  • git-lfs 2.7.1 => 2.7.2

The full image manifests for comparison are here:

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please reach out to our support team.