Warning: Your project is using CircleCI 1.0 and will stop building on March 15, 2019. Update remaining projects to CircleCI 2.0 to continue building

I got this warning even though i am using CircleCi2.0 , all the build show that ran on 2.0,

can someone help me


Can you please open a ticket with your org information so we can take a look?

Thank you for your respond, your college told me find circle.yml , I do not have lots of file in my account and I searched beetwen files there is not any remaining. but to be sure i want to use this guide https://github.com/CircleCI-Public/find-circle-yml#installation
but i do not know where should i implement this installation ??

That is a Ruby script, so you can install it anywhere as long as Ruby is installed on your computer.

However, we checked and it looks like you are migrated over. Once you run enough builds that there are not 1.0 jobs left on the page the banner should go away. We are also responding to the ticket.

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