Spurious warning message about CircleCI 1.0

Warning message:

Warning: Your project is building on CircleCI 1.0, which will be deprecated on March 15, 2019. Update remaining projects to CircleCI 2.0 to continue building.

Despite the build on 2.0: https://circleci.com/gh/HughParsonage/grattan/221

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I can’t see the warning you mention on there. I wonder if it is a browser-dependent bug - would you add a screenshot here?

Ah, that’s a different screen to the original link. Nevertheless, if I go to your jobs list screen, I don’t see it. Maybe it is only shown to the owner of the builds?

I have this yet!

@marcosdemelo: this has been discussed elsewhere in the forum. I seem to recall that the message will be shown if you have 1.0 builds in your history (and possibly only in your visible history). Your new builds should be marked as “2.0” or “2.1”, and if they are, you can ignore this message.

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