Still getting 'Service alert' for CircleCI 2 upgrade on project that was always 2.0

HI getting a yellow warning bar with the text

Service alert: Your project references CircleCI 1.0 or it has no configuration. CircleCI 1.0 and projects without configuration files are no longer supported. You must update your project to use CircleCI 2.0 configuration to continue.

However the project is 2.0 and configured by .circleci/config.yaml, and still runs post 1.0 sunset.

The config is also valid according to circleci cli tool.

Minor issue, but irritating.

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Hi Tim. Checking with the EOL team to see why some folks are seeing this banner on 2.0 projects, thanks for reporting.

I’m also seeing this on a repository that I’ve brought up-to-date. The repo was using CircleCI 1.0, but now uses 2.0, with a .circleci/config.yml file. Quite annoying to have this alert always on screen.

This banner should go away once the 1.0 jobs fall off the jobs list. If it’s still showing please open a ticket so we can take a look.

Seeing this too. I even tried unfollowing and closing everything down, but when I set up following again all my history was found and I got the error message again. What does ‘once the 1.0 jobs fall off the jobs list’ mean and how can I accelerate that?

Without knowing your project I’m guessing, but when you look at the jobs listing page, are any of the jobs reporting as 1.0 on the right? If so, If you build enough jobs that those jovs are pushed to page 2 the banner should go away.

If not, this may be a bug and if you open a ticket we can look further.

Also seeing the message although having updated all branches with the new config file (and builds work fine for master and develop).

I think the message needs to be quicker to be removed, or at least showing some less intrusive message if there is just some individual branch not updated.

It gives a bad rep to an open source project if people go in and see this message, although the config is updated :confused: