We’re Sunsetting CircleCI 1.0: August 31, 2018 is the Final Day for 1.0 Builds

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TL;DR: After August 31, 2018, CircleCI 1.0 will no longer be available for Linux and macOS users. You can find guides for transitioning from 1.0 to 2.0 and a full timeline on planned changes here.

We launched CircleCI 2.0 for general availability in July 2017, providing users with increased flexibility, power, and control. Since then, build times on both our Linux and macOS fleets have been dramatically reduced. We’ve been able to handle increasing numbers of users and jobs, while simultaneously decreasing average job time across every language we serve. The addition of Workflows in 2.0 has also made it possible to match your pipeline to your team’s needs.

While 2.0 delivers more power and flexibility, we know it is not as simple to start building as it used to be. To that end, we are committed to delivering on the following improvements and updates ahead of August 31:

For our cloud-hosted customers:

  • Enhancing Workflows functionality: Adding the ability to auto-cancel redundant jobs, trigger Workflows from forked PRs, and trigger Workflow jobs via the API
  • Improving the command line interface: we plan to add additional commands and also make the CLI easier to use
  • Simplifying configuration syntax to make it easier to get your jobs running, and to fine-tune them to meet your needs

If you are currently a customer using our server-hosted option, your account team will be reaching out with additional information regarding upcoming features and timelines.

We know how important your tools are, but even more so, how critical it is to keep your delivery pipeline running smoothly without interruption. Over the next 6 months, our goal is to make the transition from 1.0 to 2.0 as seamless as possible. We have put together resources and guides to help you make the transition and our team is standing by to help you get up and running on 2.0.

We have a big mission to accomplish in 2018, and we can’t do it while supporting two platform versions for cloud, server, and macOS. Our plan includes new ways to help you build smarter: harnessing data from our system to create intelligent automation for our users. We will build proactive alerting and re-routing into CircleCI, so we can tell you before problems occur, and help your team find a different way. We can’t wait to build great things with you.


August is still a way off, but I think it’s a little premature to announce this when basic things such as the build status appear to still need work. Or am I mistaken? I think I’m still seeing “Fixed” status broken with workflows

Edit: My mistake! The build status now live in the “workflows” section; the “builds” section shows individual jobs, but the “workflows” section shows the concerted results.

The only thing I’m missing now is a way to show a badge for the workflow status rather than the build status.

It’s a little frustrating that you’re sunsetting support for your original product without providing any sort of automated process for upgrading current workflows.

We have upwards of 40 repos that we test on circle-ci; this will generate, at minimum, a days worth of effort on my team just to migrate all of these various workflows over to version 2.0.

As a paying customer, this is lot of work you’re forcing upon us.