"Fixed" status broken with workflows


I am sure this is a duplicate report but couldn’t find a similar issue, so just in case…

It seems that the “Fixed” status of CircleCI builds is broken with workflows. If I have a workflow with 2 builds (say, A and B) and B fails, during the next run, A will be marked as “fixed” even if it succeeded the first time (and if B ends up failing again).



Yep. It’s our experience too. A bunch of notifications (git hooks, emails, etc.) seem very much tied to builds instead of workflows and doesn’t recognize the different builds that happen as part of a workflow as distinct.

Workflows are still early (despite being GA), and I still consider it a feature incomplete set of tools. That said, we’re using them and happy with the gains - happy enough to keep using them despite the incomplete nature.

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+1 here. Also the API support for workflows is pretty sparse. This feature is a huge win for us it would be great if it was more fully rolled out

The fixed status is indeed tied to the build and as such does not work correctly with Workflows. It’s somethinge we are aware of and working to determine the best way to fix it.

Workflows API is a known feature request, please :heart: this post Trigger workflow through REST API to show your support. Out product team is working to get it added.

Can you provide an update on this? Having overwhelming amount of fake fixed notifications is undoubtedly an unwanted thing.

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Wait… workflow steps show up as individual builds in the overview? This is really confusing. It’s very hard to see now what’s going on and what is the actual status of my project – the individual workflow steps don’t matter so much to me, I need to know the outcome of the entire workflow. This is a real step back from the 1.0 behavior.