Trigger workflow through REST API



Currently, there is no way to trigger a workflow build through the REST API. I tried using the POST endpoint on the project resource, but that triggers the ‘build’ job. I also noticed that if there is no ‘build’ job defined, it fails.

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I have the same issue. In CircleCI 1.0 I would deploy using git tags. Now I get the “job ‘build’ is not found” error when attempting the same thing with workflows in 2.0. Are there any plans to support this?


I too need this feature. I am trying to trigger a certain workflow when certain actions happen in github. I feel crippled without it.


This is especially painful since there was an outage, and our builds never got queued. How do we trigger a workflow build ?


I’m super surprised this was launched without API support. Any idea if/when this will be supported?


+1. Is there an ETA for support? Until then this feature is useless for us. On a personal level, I’m bummed – I just spent a few hours converting from CircleCI 1.0 to CircleCI 2 to take advantage of this, only to find at the end that it doesn’t really work for automated CI. Which seems pretty core to the mission of Circle CI.


I feel like the feature should have been a requirement to take 2.0 out of beta.
Any ETA?


Right now there is no API support for workflows. This is really limiting for our integration. What we would like to do is:

  • Get a list of last successful workflows for a branch
  • Inspect individual builds in these workflows

Right now our options to either manually piece the workflows together or not use workflows


It would be nice to have status badges for workflows too


Workflows should be supported in e-mail notifications too.

Since workflows in 2.0 is the best way to do multi-language project CI. However, this doesn’t work well with e-mail notifications: a failing build in a workflow failing may result in a bogus “fixed” message from a (entirely independent) build in the same workflow. Ideally I’d like to receive “workflow status” e-mail instead.


Right before we hit the approval step in our workflow, we ping Slack with a link to the workflow so that someone can go into CircleCI to approve. We’d love it if we could respond to our chatops bot and it could approve the job without us having to leave Slack. However, there doesn’t seem to be a public API that exposes the functionality of clicking on the Approve button.


Hey I read through the documents and didn’t see this.

What I would like is a job that is NEVER run unless I specifically call it to run via an API.

My end goal is to have a job that deletes dangling docker images and exited containers but I don’t need to run it every build just once nightly/weekly/whenever.

I would like to be able to setup an AWS lambda to post to a circleci api endpoint to trigger this job. Is that possible?


Needed so phabricator can run our workflow.



Need to coordinate multiple approvals in an efficient manner. No API is a pain.


This is mission critical for our business, we are unable to promote staging Docker images to live without this feature.

Please implement ASAP!

Thank you for your quick response with adding tag support.


We use the API to trigger builds with different env vars, after moving one of our services over to 2.0 and loving the increase in speed and flexibility we then hit this problem.

We were already blocked by the missing feature of triggering builds by tag and now we’ve come across this - it seems like a few core things were missed when defining the feature set for 2.0.

This is a real bummer as we keep getting so close to migrating over to workflow, most likely paying more for more parallel containers and then we hit yet another road block.

Please let us know what the ETA on this will be!


I’m looking at CircleCI as an alternative to Wercker, but this is a deal breaker.



This is the only thing left that I’d need to be able to cleanly migrate across our build processes.

Pretty please…


For realz.


Bump. Didn’t realize this small caveat when we were working with workflows. We’re looking to build some artifacts after linting and tests have succeeded after each step, and now, it looks we’ll have to move all this to our build step to work with out deployment process. Would love to be notified when this API feature is added.