CircleCI stopped sending notifications for fixed builds

we’re having troubles with getting Slack notifications for the fixed builds. We had this option selected for many months, but from about two weeks, we did not receive any message of that type (last notification was sent on 29th of August). Sending messages about broken builds is working fine. Do you have any suggestions how to resolve that?
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Mateusz Bełczowski


Do you happen to be running a workflow?

Yes, I’m using workflows option

version: 2
- test-py2.7
- test-py3.6

We are having the same problem. Started around 9/11 or 9/12

The last time we received the notification for the fixed build was Aug 29


Fixed notifications for workflows were disabled due to not behaving as expected and being confusing.

You can find that change documented in the changelog here

If you are experiencing this issue in a non-workflows 2.0 job, please open a ticket here so we can investigate.

Can you suggest any alternative solution?

You should still be getting success and fail statuses, you may need to disable the only fixed option in settings.

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