Slack notifications show up for "canceled" even when set to "Fixed/Failed Only"



Set up a Slack notification for my account and set it to “Fixed/Failed Only” and was working as expected until I canceled a build, which showed up in our slack room. I didn’t expect that, but at least expected a “fixed” notification when the next build passed. There was no such notification so now the last build in our room looks like something bad happened when in fact, all is OK.


We encountered the same kind of issue, I’ve opened a support ticket and been told to post it on this board

We’ve setup a build with slack notifications enabled for branches master and releases* only.

If we cancel a build on another branch (“feature/my-feature” for example), the circleCI bot send us a “Canceled” notification about the build.


I have the same issue for hipchat notifications


This is seriously so annoying that I will avoid using Circle for future projects. Thanks for ignoring our concerns, Circle support!


My apologies I never responded to this earlier. This is indeed on a backlog of notification issues we are looking at. There’s quite a few things on there and we tend to use Discuss views + likes to help prioritize.

I’ll be sure to update this ticket as we learn more. Thanks for being a user.


I’ve also just run into this issue. It’s quite annoying. The extra noise from cancellation notifications means I can’t have build notifications turned on at all for my team.


We’re seeing this too. Also, we’re seeing these for branches that shouldn’t have any notifications:

        - master


I agree - Fixed/Failed Only should work as advertised, and prevent any other kind of notification in Slack.


This is especially noisy for us, since we use the “Auto-cancel redundant builds” feature. +1 to not treating “Cancelled” status as a failure, especially if the auto-cancel feature is turned on.


Just shipped a change to remove “Cancelled” from the “Fixed/Failed” option for chatroom notifications.

  • does this improve the experience for you now?
  • does anyone need Cancelled as a separate option?

Thanks for the FR!

Disable Notifcations on Cancelled Builds?
Do Not Notify on Canceled Builds

This is great, thank you! This is a huge reduction in the noise from our integration, which will help devs notice and quickly fix real breaks in our master branch.


Just cancelled a build and still got a Slack notification. I’ve always had “Fixed/Failed only” checked…


That’s not great. We’ll look into it. Would be helpful to hear if others are also still seeing “Cancelled” builds in their “Fixed/Failed Only” since yesterday.


Just cancelled another one and didn’t get a notification. Maybe it’s fixed for real now…?


That’s great to hear. Thanks for responding!

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