Circle reporting in Slack on branches not speficied

We have a project setup with 2.0 since last spring. We do branch based development and only care to see notifications in our slack channel for our three deployed branches. It’s been working fine until today, when we started receiving failure notifications for all branches that were in progress that team members were working on. We’ve been used the recommended settings from Circle1 which so far have been working in our cirlce.yml:

      - develop
      - qa
      - master

I’ve noticed that in the past our slack notifications would show up in the format:
Failed: ajakate's build (#9986; push)

and they now say:
Failed: ajakate's workflow (build-deploy)

I’m wondering if a new feature/regression has been pushed yesterday that is causing all of our extra branch notifications to show up. Is there anything we can change in our config.yml to fix this? It’s difficult finding documentation for this…

Just curious if anyone else is having this issue.

As another data point, I’ve been using this block to ensure we only slack for one branch for a couple years now (on Circle 1.0 and 2.0), and was surprised to find that it silently got dropped as well:

        - master-nightly

We just disabled the slack notifications pending a fix.

And one more data point, the website says that to configure on a per branch basis, see the docs, but the anchor does not exist on the configuration page, nor does anything about notifications.

Link goes here:


We rolled out workflow level notifications for Slack. Unfortunately, it was not compatible with notify section of config. We have rolled back the change and are working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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