Slack plugin declares workflow 'fixed' when its not



The slack integration doesn’t seem to be workflow aware at all – specifically when it comes to declaring a build ‘fixed’.

If the second/third step of a workflow fails on a branch, and then a later revision passes the ‘first’ step, it will declare the job fixed. In reality, the first step has never been broken – it doesn’t know if the build is actually fixed or not.


This bug is affecting us as well. The workflow will report a good build so long as the first job in the workflow passes. This seems to affect status messages (Circle will email us that our build is fixed after the first step passes, even if later steps fail) and also Github build status. It is causing our auto deploys to Heroku to fail as Heroku relies on the Github CI status


Yep affecting me too, of course it’s not a huge issue as it’s just the slack notifications, but it’s definitely a bug, and it just makes the slack notifications weird and not really that useful because of it.


Same here, we have a stage called “checkout” which only prepares the environment and persists it to the workspace. Every commit passes this stage essentially sends a fixed message every time somethings was broken.


I’m seeing the same issue, but with email notifications.