Slack integration does not include workflow job in message



I use the Slack integration. It’s helpful. Thanks.

However, with the advent of 2.0, it became less so, because exactly the same message is sent out for each workflow job, so I have no way to identify which workflow job has succeeded or failed.

Actually, the emails sent out also do not include any information what job it was that succeeded or failed. By the way, in a multi-job workflow, it seems odd for the emails to say “Yay, all your tests have been fixed!” Actually, all my tests have not been fixed–just the ones in this job.


Hi @rtm,
Thanks for the feedback! If you have a minute, could you add your vote to the following ideas:


@Sara Thanks, and I have voted, but with all due respect, this is not an “idea”, to be put in a big kitchen sink bucket of ideas to be ignored or done in 2029, it’s a BUG which should be triaged, prioritized, assigned severity ratings, and hopefully queued up for being addressed as soon as possible.

The current notifications without workflow steps are not just incomplete and annoying. They are actively misleading. They are WRONG. They say something is FIXED when it is actually not fixed. It could give rise to faulty management decisions. People dependent on mission-critical systems affecting their lives could be harmed if IT people are falsely led to believe that a test had passed. You really need to fix this soon.


I’ve turned off Slack notifications, since they’re somewhere between useless and actively misleading.

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