Slack notifications not appearing

Slack “succes” notifications of jobs/workflow are not showing up (v2)

  • Slack integration has been configured (both ends)
  • Test message works as expected
  • “failure” notifications DO appear

Note that the build pipeline has tag filtering enabled.

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This information is outdated

Please visit the new documentation for the Slack orb.

Hello @Jonny5,

We’ll probably need you to create a support ticket in order to diagnose the exact issue here, it’s possible there is a settings issue. If you’d like to create a support ticket we’ll be more than happy to investigate this for you.

In the meantime, and for others who may find this, have you seen our Slack Orb?

The Slack Orb allows for highly customizable Slack notifications at any point of your workflow by integrating as a step in your job.

Here’s an example of how to set up a success or fail notification:

image image