General Availability of CircleCI 2.0

Today we’re thrilled to announce that CircleCI 2.0 Platform is generally available to all our customers. CircleCI 2.0 provides a new set of features giving our customers more speed and customizability than ever before. We have seen strong adoption our new platform. In the 7 months since CircleCI 2.0 has been in beta, more than four thousand organizations have run 1M+ builds on the new platform. CircleCI 2.0 provides the following key capabilities:

Performance: We have designed this new platform from ground up and super charged our build engine. As a result our customers have experienced blazing fast builds and their average build times have reduced in half.

Workflows: This functionality allows our customers to run build-test-deploy as individual jobs. Ability to run and control these individual jobs provides the flexibility and control that our customers have asked for. Customers can now run jobs in sequential or parallel sequence, fan in / fan out in a repo and restart a failed job.

Docker / Containers: We have added first class support for docker ecosystem and support pushing / pulling public and private images. We also support several public registries including Docker Hub, Google Container Registry, CoreOS Quay, and Amazon ECR.

Flexible Resources: We understand that one size does not fit all and have added support for customers to easily configure their compute and memory resources to best fit their requirements.

We have been fascinated by the amount of interest and recognition that we have received since announcing our platform in November. Cratejoy has been using our new platform for several months now and said the following:

“Workflows + Docker caching are great with CircleCI 2.0. I’m pumped about what we can do with this! Our Docker build times have gone from ~12 minutes to less than 2 minutes on CircleCI. Fan-freaking-tastic.” - Josh Dover, Senior Software Engineer, CrateJoy

You can read more about what early 2.0 users have been saying here.

We want to say a very special thank you to all the teams who used our beta, gave incredible feedback and helped us get CircleCI 2.0 to where it is now, and where it will continue to grow.

We love Open Source projects and CircleCI 2.0 will continue to remain free for such projects.

CircleCI 2.0 is currently available on our SaaS offering for Linux builds. We will be adding support for mobile and enterprise versions in the near future.


What is the rough date for support of macOS / Xcode builds?

We will be adding beta users on 2.0 macOS in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned !