Docker & Circle 2.0

Will native Docker integration in Circle 2.0 solve some of the Docker speed issues we encounter at the moment?

Yes. Cache restores and build times on our test repos are significantly quicker.

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Very glad to have native Docker in Circle 2.0!

  • What version(s) of Docker will be available?
  • Will you be able to update the Docker engine (or let us opt in to new versions) more quickly after a new version is released?

The answer is ‘it depends’. While the technical solution we have allows for great flexibility with Docker, we don’t have product options finalised yet. So I can’t give full details.

Broadly speaking, there will be options for you to choose. We’re evaluating solutions that give you different levels of control over Docker versions and what you can do (e.g. with regard to building Docker images). Expect to be able to keep up with Docker releases much more easily than is currently the case though.