When will Docker 23 be available?

Hello, does CircleCI has a planned date on making DockerEngine 23 available on their runners ?

I believe that the standard shipping version of docker found in a machine image will be the one supplied by default by the distribution. So a Ubuntu 22.04 machine will have Docker version 20.10.23.

I’m not a staff member, but it may help anyone in the development team if you could detail your use case.

You can

  • If you are using a machine instance just update the docker version (this should work for Ubuntu)
      - run: sudo docker --version
      - run: sudo apt update
      - run: sudo apt install docker-ce docker-ce-cli containerd.io
      - run: sudo docker --version

This does add about 20s to the runtime of every machine you start up, which may or may not have
an impact on what you are doing.

  • Look at a self-hosted runner, which would allow you a lot more control over the environment.

Hello @rit1010 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input.

I understand your point about the default version but there is an option available for use in the CircleCI Runners which is “setup_remote_docker.version” in which we can specify the required version for our build.
If I can ask the runner to setup a version previous to default, I should be able to ask for a subsequent version, right ?
Here is the list of available versions : Running Docker Commands - CircleCI

I don’t have a specific use case, I’m just wondering if they plan on making it available anytime soon since it can offer a lot of new interesting stuff ! Docker Engine 23.0 release notes

And yes I know about self-hosted runners, I use those for specific workflows which do not include docker build (yet at least :slight_smile: )

It may be worth you raising a support ticket with the question as that should result in a more formal process to get you a reply.

Alright I guess I’ll go through my company’s commercial support to get answers :slight_smile: Thanks again