New Docker versions for 'machine' images on CircleCI 2.0 on 2017-11-29


We are updating the Docker version for the machine executor on CircleCI 2.0 on 2017-11-29.

You can choose the version that is used for your jobs by specifying it in .circleci/config.yml like so:

      image: circleci/classic:latest

If you don’t specify an image the default is circleci/classic:latest which currently has Docker 17.06.1-ce

This will be upgraded to Docker 17.09.0-ce on 2017-11-29 (Wednesday). If you would like to continue to use 17.06.1-ce after this date you can specify: image: circleci/classic:201708-01

Full list of currently available options:

  • circleci/classic:latest - currently Docker 17.06.1-ce will be upgraded to 17.09.0-ce on 2017-11-29
  • circleci/classic:edge - currently Docker 17.06.1 will be upgraded to 17.10.0-ce on 2017-11-29
  • circleci/classic:201703-01 – docker 17.03.0-ce, docker-compose 1.9.0
  • circleci/classic:201707-01 – docker 17.06.0-ce, docker-comopse 1.14.0
  • circleci/classic:201708-01 – docker 17.06.1-ce, docker-compose 1.14.0
  • circleci/classic:201709-01 – docker 17.07.0-ce, docker-compose 1.14.0
  • circleci/classic:201710-01 – docker 17.09.0-ce, docker-compose 1.14.0
  • circleci/classic:201710-02 – docker 17.10.0-ce, docker-compose 1.16.1

If you want to pin your jobs to a specific Docker version please use a yearmonth-version versioned image.

More information about the ‘machine’ executor available in the docs:

CircleCI 2.0 'machine' images will be updated on 2017-11-29