Machine executor images list for CircleCI 2.0

I’ve seen that there are two machine executors ( :

  1. circleci/classic:latest
  2. circleci/classic:edge

Is there any list of all images so I can specify concrete image version and not the latest? Edge does not work for me as well. I have specific machine issues and would like to test it on different one. The interesting point is that on CircleCI 1.0 everything worked without any issues, so having the same VM as on CircleCI 1.0 would be perfect.

That is the list, those two images.

If you want to keep an environment that is perfectly frozen in time (though the latest image won’t change often) then you can create a Docker image for your specific use case.

It looks like it is now possible to pinpoint a specific verion:

circleci/classic:latest (default) - an Ubuntu version 14.04 image that includes Docker version 17.03.0-ce and docker-compose version 1.9.0, along with common language tools found in CircleCI 1.0 build image. The latest channel provides the latest tested images, changes to the channel are announced at least a week in advance.
circleci/classic:edge - an Ubuntu version 14.04 image with Docker version 17.06.0-ce and docker-compose version 1.14.0, along with common language tools found in CircleCI 1.0 build image. The edge channel provides release candidates that will eventually be promoted to classic:latest.
circleci/classic:201703-01 – docker 17.03.0-ce, docker-compose 1.9.0
circleci/classic:201707-01 – docker 17.06.0-ce, docker-comopse 1.14.0
circleci/classic:201708-01 – docker 17.06.1-ce, docker-compose 1.14.0
circleci/classic:201709-01 – docker 17.07.0-ce, docker-compose 1.14.0

Edit: this is the annoncement about this change: New Docker versions for 'machine' images on CircleCI 2.0

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