New Docker versions for 'machine' images on CircleCI 2.0


We are updating the Docker version for the machine executor on CircleCI 2.0.

You can choose the version that is used for your jobs by specifying it in .circleci/config.yml like so:

      image: circleci/classic:latest

If you don’t specify an image the default is circleci/classic:latest which currently has Docker 17.03.0-ce

This will be upgraded to Docker 17.06.1 on 2017-09-03 (Sunday). If you would like to continue to use 17.03.0-ce after this date you can specify: image: circleci/classic:201703-01

The full list of currently available options are:

  • circleci/classic:latest - currently Docker 17.03.0-ce will be upgraded to 17.06.1 on 2017-09-03
  • circleci/classic:edge - currently Docker 17.06.0 will be upgraded to 17.06.1 in the next 24 hours
  • circleci/classic:201703-01 is docker 17.03.0-ce
  • circleci/classic:201707-01 is docker 17.06.0-ce
  • circleci/classic:201708-01 is docker 17.06.1-ce

The release process for latest is one to two weeks after edge has been upgraded. If you want to pin your jobs to a specific Docker version please use a year-month versioned image.

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