CircleCI 2.0 Now in Closed Beta

Today we’re releasing CircleCI 2.0 in closed beta. 2.0 is a highly customizable, powerful platform that includes first-class container support.

What’s new:

  • Native Docker support
  • Flexible resource allocation
  • Customizable images
  • Local build
  • And more to come…

In addition to these features, CircleCI 2.0 will have significantly faster build performance, smarter test-splitting, and more comprehensive caching.

To request access to the closed beta for CircleCI 2.0, sign up here:

The CircleCI 2.0 closed beta is only available for .com plans at this time, but we will announce support for Enterprise and OS X in the future.

Have ideas or suggestions? We look forward to hearing them.


This is great news. I would be more interested in how the flexible resource allocation works from a pricing perspective. Presumably it would be the similar to renting VMs of varying performance tiers.

We have some rather complicated Docker based integration tests that spin up 10 containers to establish a full environment. Reasonably regularly we see timeouts/failures that are traced back to a particular component just not having enough CPU time/resources to fulfil requests in the expect time frame (which we’ve already increased significantly). Would also be good to see CircleCI support the newer Docker versions rather than relying on patched versions.

How does the closed beta work? Is it a separate test environment or do all of your builds happen in it?

Hi @davefinster,

We are glad that you liked our announcement.

Flexible resource allocation should definitely help with your setup. We will allow users to pull and use images from a container registry, so we should not have the outdated Docker version problem anymore.

We will be sharing more information as we continue to roll out our 2.0 platform.

Hi @dave-nm

As part of the onboarding process, we will contact individuals who have requested access to determine which of their projects should be transitioned to our 2.0 platform.

We will share more details as part of our onboarding process.

Stay Tuned!