Containerizing CircleCI 2.0: Working with Docker Hub, Google Container Registry, Quay, and Amazon ECR

Containers have enabled rapid application deployment and in turn grown in popularity exponentially over the past few years.

Containers wrap the entire runtime environment including the application, dependencies, system tools and libraries into a package and help achieve portability across different deployment environments by abstracting variations in OS environments and underlying architecture.

CircleCI was one of the earliest CI / CD provider to support Docker. Our 1.0 platform uses Linux containers (LXC). As the ecosystem has grown and matured, we made the decision to expand container support in our 2.0 platform (currently in closed beta). In designing our 2.0 platform, we looked at the millions of builds run on CircleCI every month to analyze usage patterns and optimize the platform for superior container performance.

Our 2.0 platform has been redesigned from the ground up to be open and extensible. We now support any public registry.

This includes:

Docker Hub
Google Container Registry
CoreOS Quay
Amazon ECR
Containerizing CircleCI 2.0 with Docker Hub, Google Container Registry, ECR, Quay

CircleCI users on our 2.0 platform can now:

  1. Pull container images from any public registry.
  2. Build and push images to any public registry.

We support all tools available in the Docker ecosystem, and our customers have been using our new container support for over a month now. Customers building on 2.0 have been providing great feedback and helping improve the experience over time.

We have designed CircleCI 2.0 so that our users do not have to be a container or Docker expert to use and enjoy the benefits that containers provide. We’ll be sharing more details on this over the next few weeks, so stay tuned to hear more about how the new platform is developing.

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