New free plan with more premium features!

Hello everyone!

Today we are officially launching our new free plan. The new and improved free plan now includes private orbs, self-hosted runner, flaky test detection, Docker Layer Caching, and upgraded resource classes for all executors. It also includes a concurrency limit of 30 (upgraded from 1). We want our free offering to be the best any developer can get, period. Check out our announcement post and ask any questions you have in this thread!


would be nice if there was a very simple way to use concurrency with rspec

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Thanks, 30 concurrent jobs are really generous for a free plan.

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@dorianmariefr I’d love some more insight into where the sticking points are with rspec. Is there something in particular that’s difficult or just in general?


  • I can’t run circleci tests glob locally because it requires circleci-agent
  • tried on my builds in a separate branch
  • for some reasons nothing was echoing, so had to ssh into the branch
  • ok so circleci tests glob "spec/**/*_spec.rb" was right
  • for some reason the same command was running fine on the SSH server but not in the job (returned 0 results)
  • ok my mistake, my repo was not checked out when I was trying to get the files
  • ok got it working, was not too hard
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But with parallelism 10 I get 5 minutes builds instead of 3 minutes 30 seconds builds

seems like 3 minutes are spent booting up the postgres and redis containers

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Good to know! I will definitely get some of our team to take a look and see if we have any recommendations or improvements we can make on our end.