Ruby v2.4.2 and Ruby v2.3.5 CircleCI 2.0 Images

Hey everyone, I’ve seen a lot of questions surrounding when CircleCI “will get” these versions of Ruby. First and foremost, please read our CircleCI Image Maintenance blog post to understand how we go about managing the language convenience images.

With that said, the official Ruby Docker images on Docker Hub have not been updated for 2.4.2 or 2.3.5 yet. We won’t have images ready until a little bit after the official images are prepared.

The Ruby v2.4.2 image has been commited and going through their build pipeline now so it shouldn’t take much longer.

I’ve opened a GitHub Issue for the v2.3.5 release. Looks like there’s a lot of bit activity in the repo though so hopefully a human sees it.