Ruby 2.4.9 images


Ruby 2.4.8 just came out a few days ago with a security patch, but then there was an issue with the build so they immediately released 2.4.9 2 days later ( I am unable to build on Circle with 2.4.9 because the latest image is 2.4.8 and this conflicts with the version in the Gemfile and fails the build.

Updating the Circle images takes time I’m sure but my main question is this: is there some status board that will show us an ETA of when a new image for a new language version will be released?


In the short term, can you just issue an Apt command to install the version of Ruby that you need?

Oh yes! This is a great idea that I forgot I could do. :slight_smile:

Also an update: the 2.4.9 image was pushed last night and is working well for me. Thanks!

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