Ruby image started failing for me

EDIT: I see now that this is likely unrelated to the next gen images. Sorry!

After this release our build was broken by the new circleci/ruby:2.5.7-node-browsers (sha256: fa5f52752167d32cc46e96ee99fde09693882928dcb006afd549e5d909d083cd). Pinning the image to the previous sha (sha256:36657bcdac99ec4c751cdf6d28d5f7e960f614a43bf2ba4e0fcbf1ee83be2bad) resolves the issue. Is there a changelog available somewhere that details the differences in how the new base image compares to the previous images?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @johaywood, welcome!

No problem. I moved your post into its own thread.

There isn’t a changelog for the image you are using. Not exactly. If this change happened recently, it’s likely something that happened upstream (the Docker Library Ruby image that our image uses) that caused the problem.

If you’d like to copy&paste some of the error messages you’re getting here, I can try and help determine the issue.

Hi @FelicianoTech!

Thanks for the reply. I found that the issue was caused by an update in the chrome browser package from version 79 to 80. We were able to pinpoint that the removal of the deprecated v0 APIs for Web Components as the root cause – the changes in the timing of element initialization specifically. So nothing wrong with the image, just an unexpected package upgrade there that exposed some issues in our codebase. So in that regard CircleCI did it’s job very well :smiley:

For those with builds failing after the upgrade, Chrome also made some significant changes to cookies: