Ruby browsers build images do not include latest version of Chromedriver

Chromedriver has switched to a new versioning system that matches Chrome’s version numbers.

The Ruby browsers images determine which version of Chromedriver to install by requesting, e.g.:

But this URL no longer returns the latest version:

The file is a legacy leftover from the old release model, and will stay at 2.46 for the next few months (to support apps that haven’t been updated to use the new version numbers), and then removed completely.!topic/chromedriver-users/8VmMaFjs1cg

Could the build images be updated to install the latest Chromedriver version?


Thank you! @tjvc

Feel free to file an issue here and we can close it out when we merge a PR to fix:

Or, feel free to take a stab at a PR yourself, as well.

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