Convenience Images update: fixes for Chrome/Chromedriver; small changes to OpenJDK images

Due to upstream changes to Google’s release scheme for Chromedriver, our -browsers-tagged image variants briefly stopped installing the latest stable version of Chromedriver, which caused browser testing issues for some users (for example,,

We have patched this issue and redeployed all images. Images with -browsers tags will now always be deployed with the latest stable versions of Chrome and Chromedriver.

If you are pinning an older image sha256, or using an older image version tag that is no longer actively being built (check the Docker Hub tags page—e.g.,—to find your tag), then your image may not have the patch for this Chrome/Chromedriver issue, in which case you will likely want to switch to a newer tag.

Small changes to OpenJDK images
The OpenJDK Docker Team recently changed the base OS for some of their image variants, introducing more Oracle/Oracle Linux-based images, which are not compatible with our Debian/Ubuntu-based images ecosystem. For now, we will only be building Debian 9 (Stretch)-based OpenJDK images (-stretch-tagged variants), as Debian 8 (Jessie) is nearly three years old.

When OpenJDK begins using Debian 10 (Buster), likely in mid-2019, we will extend those images (-buster-tagged variants) and add them to our fleet, as well.