Error trying to update to circleci/ruby:2.6.9-stretch-node-browsers

Hi, I’m upgrading my project from ruby 2.6.6 to 2.6.9 but Circle CI fails during Spin Up Environment when trying to access the image for circleci/ruby:2.6.9-stretch-node-browsers

It worked fine for: circleci/ruby:2.6.6-stretch-node-browsers previously.

Starting container circleci/ruby:2.6.9-stretch-node-browsers
Warning: No authentication provided, using CircleCI credentials for pulls from Docker Hub.
  image cache not found on this host, downloading circleci/ruby:2.6.9-stretch-node-browsers

Error response from daemon: manifest for circleci/ruby:2.6.9-stretch-node-browsers not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

The jobs part of my config.yml:

jobs: # a collection of steps
    parallelism: 1 # run two instances of this job in parallel
    resource_class: medium+ #Specifies the machine size to use - upgraded to medium+ for 6GB of Ram Feb 2020
    docker: # run the steps with Docker
      - image: circleci/ruby:2.6.9-stretch-node-browsers # ...with this image as the primary container; this is where all `steps` will run

Hi @tonydehnke,

Thank you for sharing your issue on our forum.

We do not publish a version of the Ruby 2.6.9 image with the stretch-node-browsers tag. A list of images for this version are available on the following page:

Docker Hub

A list of images tagged with stretch-node-browsers can be found here (the latest I am seeing is 2.6.8):

Docker Hub

Our circleci images are being deprecated, and we recommend switching to our newer cimg convenience images. Our cimg/ruby images can be found here:

Docker Hub

There may be differences between the two image types, but more information on them can be found here as well:

cimg/ruby - CircleCI

Best Regards

Thanks, I’m a bit confused as if an image isn’t available for a normal version of Ruby to test against, how can we properly run CI tests? (I’m still learning this).

Cimg doesn’t seem to have stretch images either, unless they changed the name?

Edit - oh this helped - so basically stretch specified a version, node added node and browsers added browser support to the build. Seems like we can specify a version in the new system and now browsers includes node. So in theory it should be cimg/ruby:2.6.9-browsers to work, or at least work until something in the test fails :slight_smile:

This article helps: Alpine, Slim, Stretch, Buster, Jessie, Bullseye — What are the Differences in Docker Images? | by Julie Perilla Garcia | The Startup | Medium

As does this doc file section: GitHub - CircleCI-Public/cimg-ruby: The CircleCI Ruby Docker Convenience Image.