This project is currently running on CircleCI 1.0 despite CircleCI 2.0 config.yml

Hi, new CircleCI user here,

I have a similar issue to: New project builds on CircleCI 1.0 even with 2.0 config.yaml

In that I used the CircleCI 2.0 sample for Django, added as .circle/config.yml

When I build the repo I am being warned the project is running CircleCI 1.0 yet the comments/versions in the config.yml are clearly 2.0

In that previous post the solution was rename .yaml to .yml but mine is already .yml

Ideas welcome, bit confused.

The folder should be .circleci. :smiley_cat:

Could you check which branch is running? If the branch is missing config.yml, I think it defaults to CircleCI 1.0 which will not be available after 8/31/2018.

OMG. Embarassing. Thanks!

Heh, no worries - this one gets asked a fair bit here.

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