My Project is suspended while trying circleci!

As others free users, trying to configure our projects to test circle-ci, our account has been suspended after a morning, without any notifications.

Our project is a classic nodejs server + frontend.
We do not violate circleci terms and services.

I opened a support ticket here #141623

How do you want us to adopt your service if you suspend our projects while we are testing, telling us you will respond to us within 3-5 working days, this is not serious ?

The response is normally far faster than the quoted time.

As an outsider, I can not comment on the ‘checks’ they perform to decide to suspend a test account, apart from the fact that I was hit by exactly the same thing when I first started to use the service 18 months ago, but it was resolved quickly.

The problem they and any other provider that offers ‘free’ compute resources for things like CI tasks is that they are constantly under attack from automated processes that just want to use the free CPU cycles to mine crypt coins.

I understand what you said and why they protect themself.
It’s just frustrating as we allocate time in our planning to test circle-ci.

I will wait for the support response and give another try.

Thanks for your feedback.