Project Suspended

I was just starting to build a project and received a “project suspended” message.

“We have detected an anomaly that violates the CircleCI Terms of Service.
We did not test this push because the project has been suspended. Please contact us if you think this is a mistake.”

I submitted a request (#91084) that was escallated. The support answered that they “verified that you are not violating the terms” and “unmarked your build as abusive”. And yet, the error persists.

How much time do we have to wait? Is there a timeline for this? I found this other topic and my problem is exactly the same. Can you guys help me here?

We need to start building our projects fast.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @danielrsilveira! It looks like your account should be un-suspended, but if you’re still experiencing problems, please let me know so I can have the team revisit!

Hi @thekatertot! It was unclear what happened, and it took a few days… But everything is working now.
Thank you for your attention.

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