Account suspended without warning

We have been evaluating CircleCI and have migrated 10 or so of our 30+ projects. All was going well, and suddenly the pipeline stopped working due to violation of TOS. I don’t understand what is going on, we haven’t got any email or any other kind of notifications / warning.

Could someone let me know what is going with this?
I have created a support ticket (#118307) but as I see it, it will take 3-5 days for CircleCI team to review it. That amount of delay is annoying.

I get it that we are using a free account, we have hardly passed 3 days since we have started using CircleCI, they should at least provide priority support for first 14 days (like an evaluation period)

I’m also a free user, so the only thing I can help with is to say that I’ve found replies to support tickets have been 1-2 working days, but that will still leave you having to wait a few days due to the weekend.

With you having moved a fair number of projects across so quickly were you monitoring the number of credits you were using? Depending on the machine type and I/O needs you could have used the account resources very quickly. All the online CI services that provide a free tier have gotten to the point of termination and then talking as they all became targets for third parties that wanted free access to system resources.

Right now we are using CircleCI just for building container images and deployment… So it each pipeline take less than 2 min. We have only utilized about 5,000 credits.

I don’t have a problem with them blocking us, if we have done something to violate their TOS then sure go ahead. At least send an email with details or even give a change to fix whatever we have done.

I can’t speak for CircleCI, but I do know the policy in many companies is to not tell someone why their service has been restricted/blocked until they get in contact. This stops ‘bad actors’ from learning the limits of a service by just causing accounts from being blocked and then using the information provided in the notification to adjust their approach when they create the next account.