Feedback on Recent Sign-In Session Management Change

I have concerns about a recent change in the sign-in session management on that has significantly impacted my workflow. I frequently access CircleCI from multiple devices, however, I have encountered an issue that disrupts this multi-device access.

Issue Description: I have noticed that signing into my CircleCI account on one device inadvertently logs out my sessions on all other devices. Here is a clear example of the steps I took and the unexpected behavior I encountered:

  1. I signed into my CircleCI account via Firefox on my MacBook (using “Log in with Github”)
  2. Later, I attempted to sign into the same CircleCI account using Safari on my iPhone (using “Log in with Github”).
  3. Expected Behavior: I anticipated being concurrently signed in on both my MacBook and iPhone, allowing seamless workflow management across devices.
  4. Actual Behavior: Upon signing in on my iPhone, I was automatically logged out of my session on the MacBook, limiting my ability to simultaneously monitor and manage tasks across devices.

Feedback and Request: This change to session management has introduced a significant inconvenience, hindering my efficiency and ability to stay connected to critical workflows from multiple devices.

I kindly request that the CircleCI team consider revisiting this recent change to allow multiple concurrent sign-in sessions across devices.


This is also bugging me so much

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Vote for CircleCI to fix the issue here:

It would be nice if somebody from CircleCI could actually give some feedback on this.