Having issues since single sign on enabled on github account

Hi folks,

Anyone else seen this issue, know its cause/fix? My organisation recently enabled SSO on their github org, unfortunately this has meant that CircleCI every morning 403’s me from their pipelines, and I have to uninstall circleci from my github account, delete all my circle cookies, re login and reauth circle every day. Its a right pain in the back-side.

That definitely doesn’t sound fun or sustainable. I think this support article has the steps that will resolve this for you!

Hi, those instructions work, but I’ve discovered where the problem is actually emanating from.

I use multiple chrome profiles on my machine, a work one and a personal one. As I use CircleCi for both work and personal projects, they’re both logged into the same github account and thus the same CircleCI account. I don’t sign github in to SSO on my personal profile, only on my work profile. This is leading to a loss of access when switching between the two.

IMHO this ideally shouldn’t be an issue, and should probably go on a backlog somewhere. The temp fix is to sign into SSO on every GH session you use for circleci.

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Thank you for the information! I’ll pass this along to the team :slight_smile:

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