It's like a hundred clicks now to log in

No login link on the page you get to when you are not logged in and try to go to the app. Then click on sign up. Then click on login. Then click on login again. Then click on I was a customer before. Then click on login with github. Really?


What cookie controls do you have in place?

I have a bookmark to my Dashboard and between the cookies set by CircleCI and OAuth from bitbucket I do not have to deal with a re-auth every time I access the Dashboard.

has CircleCI posted anything publicly about what’s going on with the auth options?

As of sometime in the past few weeks, I’m finding (along with other members of my team) that my sessions expire quickly, like under 24 hours quickly, and there is zero feedback from the CircleCI UI when it happens. When I click a link to a job in GitHub, I’m presented with a blank page with the site navbar on the left, an endless loading spinner, and a dev console completely slammed with 401 errors. The first few times this happened, I assumed there was an outage, but eventually figured out I need to perform this song and dance:

  1. Click the “Don’t have an account? Sign up” button, because there’s no “I have an account” button
  2. Click “log in” button, which takes me to a second, different “sign up” page
  3. Click “log in” button
  4. Click “Signed up for CircleCI with GitHub or Bitbucket before September 2023?” button
  5. Click “Log in with GitHub”
  6. Find my way back to where I was because there’s either no &next param or it got lost 3 pages earlier

Step 4, from a UX perspective, is just confounding–Googling ‘circleci github “september 2023”’ only returns explicit mentions to this button. What is the significance of September 2023? Is there anything I can do to make this less painful?


Also noticing this weirdness with the mysterious login page that never gets me to where I need to go. Can you at least fix the buttons to take me to a regular login page easily? I’m clearly a return user or at least someone that’s checking on a job, so make my life easier.

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