Session timeout on CirceCI dashboard

Have you changed something with how long sessions last when logging in to the dashboard?

I authenticate using Github and I used to be able to stay logged in for several days, but I now have to re-authenticate every single day.

Also, why have you made it take so many more clicks to log in? When I follow a dashboard link it takes me to a 404 page - from there I have to:

  • Click “Sign up”,
  • Click the small “Log in” link in the top right
  • Click the “Log in” button
  • Click the “Signed up for Circle CI with Github…” link
  • Click the “Login with Github” button
  • Authenticate on Github if I’m not already

That is a lot of steps to log in.

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And why a “404 Not Found” page? It’s confusing.
It should at least be a “401 Unauthorized” page or even “403 Forbidden” and ideally, redirect to the “Log in” page.