Unable to edit project settings, says I've been "logged out"


I have tried clearing cookies etc. several times, but when I log into circleci and try to edit the settings of one of my projects, I get this notice:

How can I get this fixed? It means I can’t edit any of the env variables!


same here, it s been driving me insane…


Yup. No matter what I try I can’t get in. Infuriating.


This looks like a problem. We’re investigating this issue now.


Ditto. Making me nuts, today.


@gfarrell, @tzapu, @ehlavaty In the mean time, can you guys log out, then from CircleCI.com, click “Sign Up” instead of “Log In”? Should still log you in as normal and hopefully be a temporary workaround for this issue.


Want to report that my organization have the same issue


I got a 404 when I tried “signed up”



I apoligize for this issue, we re working to get it resolved as soon as possible. Please follow Fixed: Unable to Login due to revoked GitHub token for updates.