Fixed: Unable to Login due to revoked GitHub token



We are experiencing frequent but non-deterministic issues when logging in because we are incorrectly revoking github tokens. When this happens, you will receive an email from us saying your token has been revoked. This can also manifest as a permissions error on CircleCI, if the token is revoked while you login session is still valid. If you experience this issue, attempting to sign up again sometimes works, and once you’re logged back in the issue should go away.

Unable to edit project settings, says I've been "logged out"


We believe we have identified the source of the issue and are working to first make we have and then to craft a fix for the issue. We will update this post in about 20 minutes with more info.


@bear Is this the same issue causing this error? Nobody on our team is able to edit build variables (even after logging out and in again):


Yes it is.


The current workaround is if this happens is to log out and then try to log back in with the realization that it may take multiple login attempts before it “takes”.


just wanted to mention that this seems fixed for me now.

thanks guys


The issue was fixed - thanks everyone.


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