Could not find a usable config.yml, you may have revoked the CircleCI OAuth app

I’ve just started seeing this error in our builds -

We don’t use the github app, we use a deploy key and a webhook from the github repo.

Do we need to change anything or is this a temporary problem? I notice that this has happened before - Release build fails because "deleted the CircleCI OAuth app" - #3 by yFujiwara


Can you please raise a support ticket answering the following questions:

Are you are only seeing this issue when a specific user triggers a build?
Is this the only project in which you are seeing this issue?
Can you also confirm that you have tried signing out of CircleCI and logging back in and continuing to see the issue?

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver

Hi there Owen. Thanks for getting back. We since haven’t seen this issue in a while. I wonder if it’s an issue with a PR from a specific fork. Anyway hard to debug and maybe not worth investigation unless it happens a bit more… I’ll let you know if it does.