Failed to fetch config.yml file

It started from this week that all of my commits lead to [Failed to fetch config.yml file.]
But it works when I triggered the pipeline from CircleCI.
So I am wondering what should I do with my github account.

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im having the issue im thinking its something we forgot to add

possibly in the build files

Would be good to get some information, error logs, links to config and/or builds, etc. as long as there are no secrets or proprietary info included.

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Hey @jerdog

Sorry, I can’t upload images for now. Let me share more information by text.
Problem details:

  1. I am working a team with 5 members, but only my account has such problem.
  2. My current account can access CircleCI dashboard and trigger the previous workflow manually.
  3. It seems CircleCI can’t fetch my commit content, because I can’t even find my new branch by Branch Filter in dashboard page. There is nothing displayed in Branch, Commit and Author.
  4. I access CircleCI with my github account which is used to push my commits.
  5. I have tried to revoke access and access again many times but it didn’t help.

Other informations:
The config file is .circleci/config.yml and looks like

version: 2
    parallelism: 1
    working_directory: ~/xxxx
      - image: circleci/ruby:2.3
      - image: elasticsearch:2.4.6
      - image: circleci/postgres:11
      - image: rabbitmq:3.4.4

      - checkout

Sorry for the delay. The following support article has some information:

You could try the following:

  1. Logout from and relogin
  2. Try unfollowing the project and then following again

If those don’t work, I suggest submitting a support ticket