CircleCI stopped grabbing my private repositiory a few hour ago - Status: Resolved

CircleCI stopped grabbing my repository randomly while I was testing out different configurations. Not sure exactly what is causing it.

I deleted half my config.yml and that fixed it. I then readded it piece by piece and fixed the errors as they came. I am guessing that the errors in my config.yml file caused CircleCI to not read it or even start.

The title pretty much covers my question but I put in a line anyway. I was looking to delete my post but couldn’t see how.

Anyway, about the original problem. It seems to me that sometimes CircleCI can be a bit random about when it decides to start processing the project again but maybe I still had an error in my config.yml that I did not see. I swear that one time it processed it with a certain config.yml and then I made a few changes and CircleCI ignored my repo updates so I undid the changes and pushed it to github again and CircleCI did not respond. Not sure if I made some mistake but I seem to have everything sorted out and I am now focusing on different problems so I am not going to investigate further.

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