Workflow stopped firing with: "No .circleci/config.yml was found in your project"


Since a few days, our circleci builds stopped firing with the following error message:

No .circleci/config.yml was found in your project. Add a configuration file to your repository or refer to [documentation](

However the .circleci/config.yml is present (repo is visible at GitHub - openturns/openturns: Uncertainty treatment library)
And if I click on “Add config” it sees it: “We detected an existing config in your project at .circleci/config.yml”

Any idea what might be wrong ?

Hi @jschueller,

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Could you please provide the build link so that I can check further? If you are not comfortable sharing build link, submit a ticket to Support .

Pawan Bahuguna

yes, here you go:

Thanks for the link.

Checking the build link, I found the below error. It looks like project & user were erroneously flagged as abusive. I can unban the user & project after checking few things and to track this unban I will require a support case.

Could you please open one and let me know.

* We have detected an anomaly that violates the [CircleCI Terms of Service](
* We did not test this push because the project has been suspended. Please [contact us]( if you think this is a mistake.

Pawan Bahuguna

Thanks for the answer, I submitted a ticket and I’ll let you know.

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I have provided the solution on the support ticket and closing this thread.

Pawan Bahuguna

Thanks a lot!