Getting HTTP 500 while signing up


Can someone from CircleCI help me on this matter?

Best Regards,


Can you please provide a screenshot or the url where the error occurs?

Is this before or after you authorize with GitHub?


Its after I authorized with github.

Hm. Will likely have to wait for staff on that one.
Question though, did you create the forums account before or after you had this error?

What happens when you try to visit ?

Is you on GitHub?


My github account that I want to integrate with circleci is

It returned HTTP 404 when I access this link

Right, I have no idea where that other username came from.

Will have to wait for staff to see and respond, sorry.

Thanks for reporting this. Can you log out of GitHub, log back in again, and then go to the CircleCI sign up page and sign up again.

Let us know if you still get the same error.

@nemoah and @rahadia - can I just check if you’re the same person with two different accounts?

This issue is now fixed and the customer has a support ticket where we are resolving the specific issue with this account.

I am still facing this issue. Error 500 while logging into Circle CI.
My user Id on GitHub is ldsouzatest1