CircleCI seems broken - have just signed up, navigates to 404


I’ve literally just registered for a CircleCI account via Google, and I get the following after following any link:

Selecting any link then takes me to a 404 page.

You need to sign up with GitHub org BitBucket in order to do anything meaningful within the app.

So are you saying in order to use CircleCI I have to have a GitHub organisation setup? This seems to go against your documentation directly. In addition, the issue was solved by manually clearing localStorage so this seems to be a bug with CircleCI.

Hey - so continuing our convo from Twitter, what issue are you having now? If you can link me a build that’s failing, please do. If the project isn’t public, you can PM me the link.

Hey @FelicianoTech, thanks for getting back to me. I’ve PM’d you a link to the failing private build. It’s failing on checkout with a ‘could not parse object’ error.

I’m very late but looks like you got around this issue?