Can't login in my account



I am moving this out of the 2.0 category.

Can you clear your cookies and log in?
I am able to log in properly and we have not received any other reports of this occurring.


in different browser, with cleared cookies doesn’t work,
does not work in my bitbucket team also


Can you try removing the OAuth from the BitBucket end and re-authenticating? It seems like we don’t have access to your repos.

That or maybe BitBucket’s API is just struggling at the moment. I confirmed what you’re seeing is a real issue, but I don’t yet fully understand why.


if i remove - its work
but after connect - doesn’t work


It seems related to your organization. Do you know if your permissions changed?


not changed


here is my screen also does not work


now, it’s work
thank you


@muzidora Was this resolved for you as well?