Docker Public Convenience Images Update: Firefox

CircleCI Docker public convenience images with browser variants will see an upgrade to Firefox 56+ and Chrome 59+ on Monday, September 3, 2018. To avoid any changes to the image you’re using please lock your configurations to the sha256 of an image.

For more details on how to use an image by SHA, please refer to our Docs here

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The PR to merge this change into our production image is open pending next Monday, September 10th.

Anyone requiring phantomjs and/or older Firefox support should move to the -legacy variant of our images or pin to the specific sha revision of the image. The sha can be found in the UI by expanding the Setup Environment step.


This change is now live! The images are building & publishing as I write this.

If your builds were negatively impacted by this change, please append -legacy to your image tag to use the old browser image setup.

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