Next-Gen Convenience Image Browsers Variant Beta

The browsers variant for next-gen Convenience Images are finally here and ready for testing. Please try these images out and give your feedback in this thread. Also, you may want to bookmark this page to come back for updates on this beta.

What’s Different

The new browsers variant is designed to work in conjunction with the CircleCI Browser Tools orb. You can use the orb to install a version of Google Chrome and/or Firefox into your build. The image contains all of the supporting tools needed to use both the browser and it’s driver.

Example Config

version: 2.1

  browser-tools: circleci/browser-tools@1.1.0

      - image: cimg/node:12.19-browsers
      - browser-tools/install-browser-tools:
          chrome-version: 85.0.4183.102
          firefox-version: 80.0.1
      - run:
          command: |
            google-chrome --version
            firefox --version
            geckodriver --version
            chromedriver --version
            java -jar /usr/local/bin/selenium.jar --version


The tags between the legacy images and next-gen images have changed slightly. Here’s what the migration path looks like:

Legacy Image Tag Next-Gen Image Tag Notes
-node -node Continues to work the same.
-browsers n/a Use -browsers instead. Difference is it has Node.js.
-node-browsers -browsers Together with the Browser Tools orb, this should work similar to before.
-browsers-legacy n/a Was deprecated in legacy images, in next-gen images it’s gone.
-node-browsers-legacy n/a Was deprecated in legacy images, in next-gen images it’s gone.

Available Tags

The following images and tags are now available for this beta. More images/tags will be added in the next week. Please feel free to request a specific image/tag from the fleet of next-gen images available.

Node.js (cimg/node:*-browsers)

  • v10.22.1
  • v12.18.4
  • v12.19.0
  • v14.12.0
  • v14.13.1
  • v14.14.0
  • v15.0.0

Go (cimg/go:*-browsers)

  • v1.13.15
  • v1.14.9
  • v1.14.10
  • v1.15.2
  • v1.15.3

Python (cimg/python:*-browsers)

  • v2.718
  • v3.5.10
  • v3.6.12
  • v3.7.9
  • v3.8.6
  • v3.9.0

Ruby (cimg/ruby:*-browsers)

  • v2.5.8
  • v2.6.6
  • v2.7.2

Rust (cimg/rust:*-browsers)

  • v1.44.1
  • v1.45.2
  • v1.46.0
  • v1.47.0

OpenJDK (cimg/openjdk:*-browsers)

  • v8
  • v11.0.8
  • v14.0.2
  • v15.0.0

Added OpenJDK.

In the legacy images the browsers have been included (no need to install) in the browsers convenience images, right?.
In the next-gen, it seems I need to install the browser I want to use with the orb command in either the cimg/node or the cimg/node-browsers.

What is the difference between using the orb to install, say, google chrome in cimg/node vs in cimg/node-browsers? I can’t see any obvious difference, since I need to use the tools to install them in either case.