[Dashboard] Setting up BitBucket projects using CircleCI App

Hello, I was using the CircleCI dashboard (using beta ui) to set-up a project hosted on a BitBucket repository and I think I’ve found a bug in this interface. Steps to reproduce are as follows:

  1. Login to the CircleCI dashboard using beta ui.
  2. Connect and integrate your BitBucket account.
  3. Select an organization from the “Switch Organization” dropdown in the navigation bar.
  4. Navigate to Projects -> Add Project.
  5. Page URL gets set to “https://circleci.com/add-projects/bb/{organization}”.
  6. Click “Setup Project” on any project found on the list.
  7. Page URL gets set to “https://circleci.com/setup-project/gh/{organization}”.

Results: Dropdown to select a repository only shows GitHub repositories, given that the “Setup Project” button links to an URL with key “gh”, independently of the first “add-projects” url key.

Expected Results: I should see all my BitBucket repositories in the repository selection dropdown, and “Setup Project” button should link me to the “setup-project” page with key “bb” in it.

Workaround: Manually replace the “gh” key in the page URL to “bb” and see that the list is populated with BitBucket repositories.

Thanks for the space and please let me know if any other info is needed!

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