UI for team (vs personal) repos appears to be broken - redirects to personal repos

With the most recent UI change, I cannot add a new project from our team repositories, only my personal repositories. This is not a permissions issue, as the team repos show up when I click on Bitbucket and our team name - but then when I click on the repo I want to add, it shunts me to a listing of only my personal bitbucket repos (which are actually on an entirely separate user account, not my company Bitbucket account). I am the admin for our team Bitbucket site.

I’m seeing similar issues, but it appears that what I’m seeing might well be a permissions issue as well. I created a brand new account, authorized BitBucket access, but only my personal repos are visible anywhere inside of CircleCI. I am also the admin for the BitBucket team whose repos I’m trying to pull in.

Any help the CircleCI team can provide is appreciated!